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The fundamentals of monitoring students' progress

Teachers work hard with all their students week after week. But it’s hard and sometimes even unfair to only monitor the progress of the students during an end-of-the-year standardised test. Progress is not linear. It’s a process with lots of ups and downs that the student, the teacher, the parent and the school as a whole go through together.

A teacher's guide to monitoring children's progress in the classroom

As a teacher, you would want to keep track of your student’s progress in order to offer them timely and personalised support that will positively affect their educational journey.

Here are some things to keep in mind while deciding on the best way to monitor your student’s progress in class:

Set clear objectives

Having a clear goal or objective will help you decide on what kind of information you need to keep track of. Start by setting a goal for the entire academic year then set smaller weekly goals. These weekly goals will allow you to help students who struggle to achieve step by step before things go too far. The yearly goal will allow you to assess the overall progress.

Know who your audience is

Progress monitoring and reports are not only for the teacher’s use. The students, the parents and even the school administration can find a lot of useful information and make different use of the progress reports. Knowing who you’re monitoring for and why will help you know which kind of data to keep track of and the best ways to present it.

For the students: Knowing how they are progressing in your class can help motivate your students to work harder or continue their good work. Students do not need a written report but encouraging and checking in daily with their progress on small tasks will help them stay updated.

For the parents: Most parents like to stay updated with their children’s progress to know who to help them at home. They usually can’t depend solely on their children’s daily updates especially if said child is young. An occasional summarised report with quiz results, class performance and a brief note from the teacher can be very helpful to them.

For the school: The school administration might be the last people the teacher thinks of while monitoring the student’s progress but they are very important. The school can use teachers’ reports to decide what kind of provisions, support and tools it needs to keep, update or even acquire to help the students and the teachers have a better educational experience.

Don’t shy away from technology 

Monitoring the progress of 20+ students in your class and keeping individualised records of their development can be a tedious and hard job for the teacher. Fortunately for you as a teacher in the 21st century, there are many websites, apps and computer programs that can help make progress monitoring a lot more organised and easier to keep track of.

For example, our game QuadEmo, which helps children learn about emotions and emotional regulation in accordance with the EYFS and KS1 PSHE curriculum, offers teachers a detailed progress-tracking dashboard that automatically keeps track of each student’s development and gives personalised reports that the teacher can easily use and send to the parents or their supervisors.

Tools like QuadEmo’s progress-tracking dashboard are built to save planning, teaching and reporting time for teachers and make monitoring the progress of students a less daunting task.


Monitoring the progress of students is very beneficial for the development of the entire educational system but more often than not only academic progress is tracked while social and emotional progress is set aside. 

It’s important for you as a teacher to know that students develop in more ways than one, their progress is never linear and each one of them will have their own journey. If you keep all of this in mind while you monitor them in class, you will end up with results that can effectively help your students become the best versions of themselves.

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