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Do you want your child to become emotionally resilient?

Emotions affect more than our moods, they affect our bodies, our social life and our behaviour.

Understanding emotions is not the easiest thing for children but we’ve got the perfect helper for them!

Why QuadEmo?

Whether you want your child to start their school journey with a strong understanding of their emotions or you want them to practise what they already learn in class,
QuadEmo’s got your back!

Fun and engaging

Links emotions
to colours and 
animated animals

emotion management strategies

Allows children to
make mistakes
without judgement

Works hand-in-hand
with Early Years curriculum

Safe and easy to
use independently

dashboard and reports

Trusted and

As seen in

Everyone loves QuadEmo!

QuadEmo workshops

QuadEmo offers FREE child-parent workshops to help children learn about emotions, how they affect their bodies and behaviour and how to manage them. If you belong to a community group arranging activities for pre-schoolers and children in KS1, book a free QuadEmo workshop!

Don’t miss the chance to book a FREE workshop!

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