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How to survive half term as a parent?

Half term is a great opportunity for teachers, parents, and children to take a step back and enjoy a well-deserved break before heading right back. This all sounds great and simple in theory, but in reality, parents usually spend the whole week running around trying to keep their children busy and entertained. And by the end of half term, their energy is even more spent than it was before. Well… that just won’t do, will it?

Half Term survival kit for parents

Keeping the kiddos happy and engaged is wonderful but parents need to have some “me time” as well. And if you feel guilty about “me time”, well don’t! It helps you become a better parent. Simply put, when parents have a satisfying “me time” they will always be able to give a better “us time” later on.

So please, grab a cup of tea, relax on the sofa, and let us give you some advice on what you can do to have the half-term holiday you deserve. 

  • Stop trying to do it all

    You have a full list of activities for the kids, cooking, cleaning, shopping and God knows what else. Your calendar is full to the brim all week! Well, try to move some things out of it. You really don’t need to do all of this in one week. Prioritise your own mental health like you do with everything else and move it to the top of your list.   
  • Let the kids watch their favourite show

    We are not telling you to let them do it all day. Absolutely not. But, an hour or so a day will be good for both of you. Actually, TV can help children learn some important social and emotional skills through listening to conversations and tracking certain patterns of behaviour. Make sure you choose the programs carefully and use this time to read or do yoga or do any other hobby that needs some quiet time.
  • Woke up early? Then go to bed early

    We know you had to wake up early for the kids. It was not your choice. But, your choice will be to go to bed early. Don’t try to jam in your “me time” when you’re actually most tired and spent. A good night’s rest is as good as a spa day (or at least kind of as good). Give your body time to relax and shut down for a full night. You’ll thank yourself for it later.
  • Exercise/ Make time to move

    While your kids are busy watching TV, why don’t you run on that treadmill in the garage? Or if your kids are old enough to be left alone for 30 minutes or so, go on a run around your neighbourhood and soak in the fresh air. Exercising releases endorphins which are basically happiness’s secret ingredient. Destressing and letting your body release its pent-up energy will help put you in a better mood which will make you a better parent (See? It all comes full circle!)
  • Take a long soothing bath

    It sounds obvious but most of us are so quick to shower, that we never actually take our time. Buy some essential oils, light up your favourite candle, and take a long, relaxing bath. This can actually be done after the kids go to sleep and the house is finally quiet. Relax, breathe, and let the bath do its magic.
  • Ask for help!

    Finally, if you feel like you could use help with the kids then ask for it. Needing help to find time to relax is valid. Ask your mum, your friend, your neighbour or even hire a nanny if no one is available. Know your limits and respect them. You will even make a good example to your kids, showing them that asking for help isn’t weak or a last resort, but a valid way to get things done when you can’t do it alone.


A parent who is happy, relaxed, and satisfied will be a better carer and giver than someone who is always tired and stressed because they never stop to take a breath. Take care of yourself at least as much as you take care of your children. Remember that a happy parent raises a happy child, and that is the ultimate goal.

We hope you have a great half term and come back energised and ready to take on the rest of the school year!

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